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The World of Silence has been roused. Its up to two team from the Village of Valor to quiet it. Follow Hermes, Damian, Jax, ?, ?, ?, ?, and ? as they change the World of Silence forever. Will the group find friends or enemies in the other villages? How will they balance everything out? When will the Vikings strike? When will these questions end? I have no clue?


Around the begining of the Roman Era people started to get powers. At first they were hailed as the gods children and were split up by their powers and made temples. With these new "clans" the powers stopped appearing unless one of the parents had the gift. Around the middle of the Roman Era the clans were banished, and sent on a boat to the "end of the world". They landed in America and again split back into clans. They made territories and fought for land, crops, and weapons. Eventually they made Villages with more than one clan in them. There were six of these villages and they dominated their respective areas. The Native Americans became regular civilians and the Cities flourished. The mutants became hostile after a time and the war was called the "Silent War".

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Villiage of Valor Flag

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