Cia Meka
Hello - Cia
Daughter of Tallus Meka
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive, 15, Single
Clan Meka
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Team None
Village Village of Will


Cia Meka was born to Tallus and Krystu Meka of the Village of Will. When she was about three her dad became the Clan Head and her cousin became the Second-in-Command. Often she was baby-sat by her cousin's girlfriend. Her Cousin and his now wife became very close, like they were her older brother and sister. Because she is the firstborn and a girl she didn't have to become a Silent and she chose not to. After Ulith died she has gotten even closer to Leo.


She is very pretty with long blonde hair and brown eyes. She often wears blue as it is her favorite color. Her hair is usually in pig tails and has bows in them. She is a average height and a little under average weight.


Cia is very nice to everyone and is compassionate about most things she does. She dislikes violence and can't stand messes. She is very laid back but when she is angry it is very scary.

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