Damian Vytek
"If only you knew"

- Damian

Son of Viking Chieftain
Parliament Second Class
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 17
Clan Morpheus
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Team Team 14
Village Village of Valor


Damian was born in the Viking Colony of Zyphus to Morpheus native Samantha Druids and Viking Chieftan Sjiifus Vytek. Unfortunatley, it was less than a year after Damian was born that Samantha revealed that she was from the empire, and was executed in front of her son's eyes. Damian, who was taken to a Norse prison camp, was trained to fight by other trapped silents. Over six years, the boy became a master in hand to hand combat and had nearly mastered his gift over explosives. There was only one way out of the prison and back to the Empire, and at nearly eight years old, Damian was brought to Thurus Canyon, where he was to jump of a cliff into a pit of spikes formed in the rock below. Pushed down by the Norse, Damain remembered what he had been taught, latching on to an edge at the last moment, as he felt the bones in his hand crack. Making his way through the maze of spikes, Damian made his way back to his mothers home clan of Morpheus and entered the Silence Academy. At nine years old, Damian became the youngest person in the Villiage of Valor to ever join the military, achieving the rank of General less than four years later. At the age of thirteen, Damian traveled to Ware to meet the God of Valor, who was to assign him his next mission. It was there that he met the ten year old son of the God of Valor Jax, and the instantly became friends. When he got the chance, Damian would often pay a visit to the Tower of Valor to talk to Jax about his recent missions. When Jax entered the Academy of Silence, the God of Valor hired Damian to come and mentor Jax to make sure he did extremely well in his classes. Damian is currently 17 and has achieved the rank of Parilament Second Class.


Damian has that sort of face that looks like it hasn't smiled in a long time, like what you might see on the face of a prison inmate. His black hair is greasy and hangs down over his brown eyes, and he tends to wear a four-part suit with his rank on the left shoulder. He is ambidextrious, and can often be seen smoking a tobacco cigarette from the Native Americans. He has hundreds of weapons hid throught his person, and more than seventy hiden pockets in his morning coat.


Damian is a very complex individual, who dispite suffering from depression and aspergers syndrome, can at some times be quite humorous and kind. Many people in the villiage find it very strange that Jax and him are friends, as their personalities are nearly opposities of eachother.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Damain like all other Morpheus clan members has the ability to to create, control and manipulate explosions. Also, his father passed on the Vytek blessing to his son, and when in deep meditation, Damian becomes nearly omnipotent. However, this state of meditation is so deep, that nobody has ever been known to reach it.

Over the years, Damian has also been updating his equipment and strategy to be more resistant to the powers of others. His suit is partially made of a fire resistant rubber material, has been sprayed with a bird and dog repelling mixture created by the local Native Americans, is designed to heat up when in cold temperatures and cool when in warm temperatures, and can emit an electromagnetic pulse.


Damian's Military Rank

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