Dre Hybrid
No Blain you cannot ... sorry. - Dre
Clan Head
Part of the Fe-Sa-Ci-Ta squad.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 37
Clan Hybrid
Other statistics
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color White
Team Fa-Dre-He-Ta Squad
Village Village of Will


He was born to the Hybrid Clan and was considered a prodigy. Dre was apart of the legendary Fa-Dre-He-Ta group that killed over two-hundred Silents over the years. When he was 2o he married his wife, Tay Hybrid, and a year later they had a child. At the age of 29 he was made Clan Head. He is constantly debating with his son about small things but it is mostly a battle of wits.


Dre is a large man, standing at 6"1' and 280 pounds. He has white hair like most of the Hybrid Clan and the mark over his left eye. He is very fit and is buldging with muscles.


When Dre was born he got the characteristics of a Jaguar, including personality. He loves the water and is somewhat lazy. When it comes to battle he is excited but not much else get him jittery. He often lays around but when he moves he doesn't stop for hours.

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