Faer Cortium
Yes? - Faer
Clan Head
Part of the Fe-Sa-Ci-Ta squad.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 37
Clan Cortium
Other statistics
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Team Fa-Dre-He-Ta Squad
Village Village of Will


He was born to the Cortium Clan and was considered a prodigy. Faer was apart of the legendary Fa-Dre-He-Ta group that killed over two-hundred Silents over the years. After 100 kills, Faer became a pacifist but still made stratigies for his team. When he was 18 he married his wife, Heidi Cortium, and two years later they had a child. Two years later Heidi was killed by a group of bandits and it was the first time Faer broke his pledge as a pacifist. At the age of 25 he was made Clan Head and he decide to appoint an older Second-in-Command to have a wiser person to turn to.


This peaceful gentleman has almond-shaped green eyes. His silky, straight, long hair is the red, and is worn in an artistic style. He's got a stylish goatee. He is very tall and has a graceful build. His skin is light-colored. He has a large nose and high cheekbones. His wardrobe is attractive.


Faer is a pacifist and only fights when needed or his family is threated. Most of the time he is calm and collected and almost never loses his cool.

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