Hermes Eon
I didn't ask to be the next Clan Leader but I'm bound on the title anyways -Hermes
Prince of Speed
Next Clan ruler
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive,14
Clan Eon
Other statistics
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color White
Team Team 14
Village Village of Valor

Hermes -member of Team 14
-Prince of Speed

 – 02:59, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

Well if it's Speed your After,You've come to the right guy.


He was born in the Eon Compound with his Twin Sister Venus Eon to the Clan Leader Taxin Eon.He was raised normally up until 5 when he was put into Training early because of his Importance to the Clan.His training was hard and Brutal while he had to Carry Weighted Clothing and a Backpack full of Rocks.As he grew used to this he was able to run at an extraordinary speed with it on.When he took it off for the first time he was able to run almost at the Speed of light.Then his Martial Arts training came in.He learned the Clans signature Marital Arts form Hay Eigo Do and became a Black/Silver belt(Highest Belt Rank) within the Year.He earned his Sword at 8 Years old and then trained with that as well.He can now Swing it as fast as Lightning and swift as Air.He continues training everyday unlike his Sister who never really bothered to train much and preferred the Royal life over fighting.He was placed on Team 14 later on and now works with them as a very loyal member.


Like his Sister(Obviously) he is born with the Clans natural White hair and also has Purple Eyes.He wears a Sleeveless shirt(Slightly Weighted),Baggy Pants(To loosen up some weight),Armguards(For some protection),Sandals(For Mobility),and the Clans Signature Symbol Tattoed on his Left Shoulder.


He is very easy-going and relaxed around people and prefers to be social with those around him.At other times he is completely devoted to training.When he is doing neither he is Eating,Sleeping,or Fighting.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Can run at near Light Speed although his exact speed is unknown because he wears weighted clothing.
  • Is very skilled with a Sword and can take up to 20 Regular Warriors with little problems.
  • Is one of the top Hay Eigo Do Martial Artist in his clan.
  • Is very good with Teamwork.

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