Heto Seeker
Hello, what can I help you with? - Heto
Clan Head
Part of the Fe-Sa-Ci-Ta squad.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive, 37
Clan Seeker
Other statistics
Eye Color Sapphire
Hair Color White
Team Fa-Dre-He-Ta Squad
Village Village of Will


She was born to the Seeker Clan and was considered a prodigy. Heto was apart of the legendary Fa-Dre-He-Ta group that killed over two-hundred Silents over the years. When she was 16 she married her husband, Bour Seeker, and a few years later they had twins. At the age of 34 she was made Clan Head and Bour was made Second-in-Command.


This lady puts you in mind of a regal dragon. She has round blue eyes that are like two sapphires. Her silky, straight, white hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a flowing cape. She has an hourglass build. Her skin is white. She has delicate ears. Her wardrobe is loose and flowing.


Heto is a very kind, generous, and motherly woman. She is not very loud and as such almost is never heard because of her teammate Dre or her husband Bour.

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