During the Spring of year 1212 (MCCXII) on the Julian Calender, Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV sent 118 adults and children convicted of witchcraft, or Practicing il mestiere Proibita (practicing the forbidden craft) adrift on the former trade ship "Vesto" to fall of the edge of the earth. The ancestors of these people were once worshiped as the children of the gods in Ancient Greece, yet now their miraculous powers simply frightened those around them. It was a excruiciatingly long journey, and by the time they reached the shore of Modern Day Saskatchawan, Canada only 23 were left alive. During the first 72 months of their time in North America, they lived amongst the native people of the land, learning eachothers languages and trading. In the Winter six years after they landed, the settled in the high North near the tribe of Fenrirson of the Norse Vikings. The chieftan Haggus III saw the miraculous abilities possesed by these bizarre strangers, and, hoping to use them to his advantage, ambushed them in the night, imprisoning them in metal cages, cutting out their tounges and nicknaming them "Silents". They lived there for 128, until sometime around 1310 A.D., the six grandchildren of the widow Sam, the oldest the original Silents, came up with a plan to earn the freedom of themselves and their peirs. Using their "god powers", the six succesfully led the Silents back to the Native American Tribes where they once settled, escaping through crowds of Vikings and finally driving them North towards Greenland. In the former site of the Viking Colonies, the six "gods" founded the city of Nyktotek, coming from the Inuit word for "Silence is Power". They lived peacefully in the city for years, soon developing four clans called Ware, Hypnos, Leo and Omega. Sometime around 1380 A.D., the Viking Colonies of the Far North came and attacked and destroyed the clan of Hypnos, beginning a three year war commonly known as the thousand day war. This began the initial conflict between the Vikings and the Silents. The war loving people of Omega leading the troops, the Vikings were driven back to their land after a battle with a death toll of over 10,000. However, the people of Omega gained a grudging respect for the Vikings, seeing them as worthy opponents. However, the people of Hypnos and Ware would not forget the tragedies caused by the vikings, creating the Black Fox unit to protect them against future invasions. During 1382 A.D., the Empires Devotion Act was passed, as the four clans expanded into six villages, finally becoming an Empire under the name of the United Commonwelth of Raynn, which was later renamed simply the Empire of Raynn. There was then yet another period of peace for more than 20 years, until in 1403 A.D. when the Village of War attacked the walls of the Villages of Valor and Will along with the vikings. In 1422 A.D., to prevent war, the Empire passed the Tournament Act, saying that each year one teenage representative from each clan was to come and fight in a tournament called the Chronicles of Silence to prove Village Dominance. The tournament lasts 4 months, and any survivor will bring glory and honor to their clan and village. In 1503 A.D., the shipmates of the Mayflower encountered the Silents, teaching them English. The current year is 1517 A.D.

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