James Were
God of Valor
How can I help you? - James
God of Valor
Second-in-Command of the Ware Clan
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 35,
Clan Ware
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Village Village of Valor


James was born into the Ware Clan on the 4th day of the 4th month to Jacob and Sarah Ware. He had an older brother Darnell and a younger sister Nicole. He was trained by his uncle because Jacob was the Clan Head. When he was put on a team they were all apart of a program known as Gladiator, the program was discontinued by James when he became God of Valor, that was made to do jobs that involved breaking treaties, destroying small villages, and massacres. They tried to break his team but they knew each others personalities so well that they stopped each other from breaking. They quit after 5 years and became a regular squad. After a bit he met Abby and they started dating. The married and had a son. When he was three he was elected as the God of Valor. The next year they had a daughter.


This personable guy has droopy brown eyes like he is tired all of the time. He has luxurious, wavy hair the color of obsidian He is averagely tall and has a narrow build. His skin is pale. His wardrobe is dignified and no-nonsense, with a mostly gray color scheme.


When he was growing up he was a kind, fun, goofball that never stood still. When his mom died he grew up but still goofed around and moved a lot. When he was elected to be God of Valor he became more neutral but still has a problem with moving around.


  1. Gold Sword, Steel Killer
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Smoke Bomb
  4. Candy


His bones were hollowed out some, allowing nearly twice the amount of bone marrow to exist, drastically increasing the rate at which he produces blood. But, to compensate for a thinner crust, the bone has an internal structure that looks like it should redirect any blunt force to a joint, to be absorbed by the flesh. The actual bone matter is much denser as well. He will almost never suffer a broken bone.

His muscular structure is completely rebuilt. The ligaments are stronger, and the muscle is much more dense, but still extremely wiry and flexible. Most of his joints seem double jointed. These muscles are far superior to anything that a normal human had, even with years of training and conditioning. Well, for his age at least. He'll need half the exercise a regular person would to gain the same benefits. On top of that, the capillary structure through the bones is much more complex. He has godly endurance. The vessels will be able to provide much more oxygen to the muscle as well as take away waste faster, keeping the muscle stronger for longer.

His nervous system is basically the same, except that there are double the amount of information senders/receptors. Basically, messages are sent faster, and with more information in a single 'pulse' of chemicals.

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