Jax Ware
What? - Jax
Son of the God of Valor
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 14, Single
Clan Ware
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Team Team 14
Village Village of Valor


Jax was born to James and Abby Ware in the Village of Valor. When he was about three his father was elected as the God of Valor. Since his father could not train him he was trained by his uncle, which at that time he started to call him "Dad two". After his father heard that he remade the system of the government. The Civillian Council handled the civllian things and he handled the politics and the Silents. Many were questioning of the this reformation but sooned realized it worked much better, and James got to be home more. When Jax joined the Silent Academy he was slightly better than the rest in physical activities because of his clan's gifts. He slowly surpassed even the grade before them when they played capture-the-flag. It was obvious that he wasn't a leader like his father or uncle because of his trusting additude. He is now fourteen and is going to graduate next year.


Jax's most drawing physical characteristic is his shockingly blue eyes. His hair is a mess most of the time and is jet black. His face is thin and long. When training he wears tank-tops and shorts so he can move his arms and opponats cant grab his shirt. His "work" uniform is a dark tight shirt with pants with a lot of pockets. When of duty he prefers button-ups and dark pants. He often has to go to formal partys and just adds a tie to his normal outfit.


He is often goofy and cracks jokes. He is very caring and trusting, even to people he doesn't know. In the heat of battle his personality almost does a 180. He is fierce and aggressive but still cares about this opponents well-being.


  1. Spear
    6 foot spear
  2. First aid Kit
  3. Emergency food
  4. Small knife
  5. Painkillers
  6. Throwing Knives


His bones were hollowed out some, allowing nearly twice the amount of bone marrow to exist, drastically increasing the rate at which he produces blood. But, to compensate for a thinner crust, the bone has an internal structure that looks like it should redirect any blunt force to a joint, to be absorbed by the flesh. The actual bone matter is much denser as well. He will almost never suffer a broken bone.

His muscular structure is completely rebuilt. The ligaments are stronger, and the muscle is much more dense, but still extremely wiry and flexible. Most of his joints seem double jointed. These muscles are far superior to anything that a normal human had, even with years of training and conditioning. Well, for his age at least. He'll need half the exercise a regular person would to gain the same benefits. On top of that, the capillary structure through the bones is much more complex. He has godly endurance. The vessels will be able to provide much more oxygen to the muscle as well as take away waste faster, keeping the muscle stronger for longer.

His nervous system is basically the same, except that there are double the amount of information senders/receptors. Basically, messages are sent faster, and with more information in a single 'pulse' of chemicals.


He has two weaknesses, Physical and Mental.

His Mental weakness is his trusting additude.

His Physical weakness is disregard of injury. His Teachers wrote this on his profile: "He has a complete disregard of himself ... almost like he thinks he can't die. I've seen him jump infront of weapons to save someone and his fighting style is made of attacks that almost require getting hit."


  • He is right handed
  • His favorite food is corn
  • His favorite weapon is 6 foot spear.
  • His father is the God of Valor.
  • His Uncle is like his second dad.

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