Venus Eon
I am a Princess!I don't need to fight! -Venus
Princess of Speed
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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive,14
Clan Eon
Other statistics
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color White
Team Team 12
Village Village of Valor

Venus -member of Team 12
-Princess of Speed

 – 04:05, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

Well?What is it you want?


She was born in the Eon Compound with her Twin Brother Hermes Eon to the Clan Leader Taxin Eon.Unlike her brother she was pampered and spoiled whie growing up.She took little Training and mostly preffered her Pampered life in the Compound.The little training she did take put her in the fighting catagories of a regular Rookie Soldier but she never cared much.She would prefer to stay in the Compound then go into the actual Village and liked her life in there.Of course her unwillingness to train means she wont become the Clan head but instead the Second in Command she still really doesn't care.When she turned 12 she went out into the actual village and explored the village a bit.She liked it and eventually met Jax who she soon got a crush on.She wanted to impress him so she was willing to train a bit more.When she was placed in Team 12 she was Heartbroken but when she learned about the two teams being in a JAT she suddenly got excited and is still trying to impress him.


She is beautiful especially around Jax.She has White Hair and Purple eyes(Like her brother) and wears a While Dress with Leather Underguards and a Bow in her hair.


She is somewhat stuck up but is very nice to people she likes.She has been known to try and act nice but her spoiled attitude gets the best of her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • She can run up to 75 MPH(About the Speed of a regular Officer)
  • She is a Gray Belt in Hay Eigo Do(The Third Belt Rank)

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