The Village of Honor is in the middle of the food chain as the 3rd strongest village but they have the best spy system thanks to the Ghost clan. Their current leader is the Sixth God of Honor, , who is making the village very prosperus. The Village of Honor is currently in debt to the Villages of Honor and Strength. The Village takes promises and debts very serously.


Ghost - Monty Ghost

Photis - Zethu Photis

Alpha - Mulis Alpha

Neo - Pho Neo


The Village of Honor is built into a cliff, making a wall on the south side and a large river cutting through the west, making another easily defenceable position. There is only one entrance, The North Gate, and it is a very large gate. They don't have districs but the Silents stick close together and the civillians do also.


  • NAPG - Spy division named after the Clans
  • T&I - Torture and Interigation
  • Trans - Transportation
  • Rec - Recon
  • Intell - Intelligence and Encription

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