The Village of Valor was the first official village in the Empire, and also one of the smallest and most wealthy. The village is lead by James Isaac Ware , the sixth God of Valor. The villiage, lying in the western are of modern day Canada, is home to many Native Americans includig the Inuit tribes, who live in peace with the Silents. The villiage is enemies with the Viking Colonies to the North, and after The One Thousand Day War, Norse Barbarians have not been allowed insde of the villiage borders. The Villiage was founded by Peter Ware in 972 A.D., and is very rich in natural resources including gold, oil, forests and silver. 

Village of Valor Flag



The northwest part of the village is the Clan District. This is where all of the clan compounds are and where most weapon shops are. Military bases here include Fort Dekota, Fort Ivan, Fort Svio and Fort Ware.

The Northeast part is the market district where a great verity of items are sold. There are also a few resturants and offices. The most recognised resturant is Chi Chi's.

The Southwest side is the managment district where the Tower of Valor, the office of the God of Valor, and most other council things. All Silents get their missions here and civillians hand in taxes, reports, and other scheduled meetings.

The Southeast side is full of schools, academies, libraries, and a few training grounds for the academy students.

In the middle of the village is where the civillians live. There are a series of underground tunnels for the civillians incase of an invasion.


There are only five Military Ranks in the villiage, and 19 subranks:

  • Private (Fresh out of the academy)
  • Captain (Middle level)
  • General (Top level)
  • Admiral (Elite)
  • Commander (Clan Heads, God of Valor)



  • Scout (Private Grade 1)
  • Junior Recon Scout (Private Grade 2)
  • Squadron Analysist (Private Grade 3)
  • Senior Recon Scout (Private Grade 4)
  • Vice Admiral (Private Grade 5)


  • Vice General (Captain Grade 1)
  • Captain Second Class (Captain Grade 2)
  • Captain First Class (Captain Grade 3)
  • Rear Admiral (Captain Grade 4)
  • Captain Major (Captain Grade 5)


  • Primary Fighter (General Grade 1)
  • Chief General (General Grade 2)
  • Vice General (General Grade 3)
  • Rear General (General Grade 4)
  • General Major (General Grade 5)


  • Brigadeer General (Admiral Grade 1)
  • Parilament Second Class (Admiral Grade 2)
  • Parilament First Class (Admiral Grade 3)
  • Vice Major (Admiral Grade 4)
  • Admiral Major (Admiral Grade 5)

Black Ops(Doesn't exist to the Public)

  • Home Gaurd (Anbu Grade 1)
  • Mission Man (Anbu Grade 2)
  • Valor's Son (Anbu Grade 3)
  • Valor's Protector (Anbu Grade 4)


  • Major (Commander Grade 1)
  • God of Valor (Commander Grade 2) 


  • CRI - Capture Retrieve and Infiltrate
  • T&I - Torture and Interrigation
  • Assult
  • Encrip - Encription and Intelligence
  • W&T - Water and Transportation
  • S&R - Scouting and Recon
  • Black Ops

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