The Capture, Retrieval, and Infiltration division, more commonly known as CRI, is a division surrounded in mystery. There is a fairly hard test you must pass to become a member and then you are given a large book of guidlines, rules, and techniques. Once you join you are a sworn to secrecy and then welcomed into the group. There is a motto that is something that everyone in the group lives by.

"One day History will Judge Us. All We Can Do, Must Do, Will Do is make sure that they Judge Us with Respect.'"
Then you are given two things. A black metal mask that you later carve into a animal of your choosing, and a tattoo that you put on your upper Back. The tattoo is the symbol of the group, and often scares enemies that capture a member because there have been cases where an entire platoon of men were slaughtered to get to their member.


  1. Andrew Rama - Admiral Major (Ex-Black Ops)
  2. Logan Morpheus - Brigadeer General
  3. Will Eon - Brigadeer General
  4. Mike Ware - Brigadeer General
  5. Ect.

Academy students that are interested

  1. Jax Ware
  2. Venus Eon

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