The Eon Clan is a clan of the Village of Valor.They are more Relaxed and Carefree and are only Harsh when neccasary.They rely on Speed when they are fighting and train in MArtial Arts more than Weaponry.Their Average Age is around 54 Years Old.The Age to Adulthood and Marriage is 13.


Clan Head- Taxin Eon,32(Major)

  • Wife- Hera Curro,30
  • Son- Hermes Curro,14
  • Daughter- Venus Curro,14(Twin of Hermes)

Second in Command- Aelous Eon,32(Admiral Major,Twin of Taxin)

  • Wife- Haiya Curro,29
  • Daughter- Athena Curro,13


  • Zeus Eon,49
    • Wife- Rhea Curro,46
    • Son- Taxin Curro,28
    • Son- Aelous Curro,28
    • Daughter- Sonus Curro,26
  • Borrus Wind,39
    • Wife- Julia Wind,37
    • Son- Oak Wind,13
    • Son- Pine Wind,15
  • Phineas Eon,74(Town Elder)
    • Wife- Crystal Eon,Deceased
    • Son- Emerald Eon,53
    • Son- Zeus Eon,49
    • Daughter- Julia Wind,37
  • Baze Hurricane,23
    • Wife- Maple Hurricane,21
    • Daughter- Juno Hurricane,6
  • Matthew Dust,15
    • Wife- Korra Dust,14


The Compund is made of 3 Districts:Aura,Storm,Cloud.The Storm District is where the Citizens of the Stronghold buy their Supplies and Food,It has around 20 Stores in it.Recruiting Centers are also here.The Aura District is where the Citizens live and spend most of their lives unless they join the Military.The Stronghold Council is here and meetings are held monthly.This is also where Marriages The final District is the Cloud District.This is where the Training Dojo,Military Base,and Head Building are.Only Military,Town Leaders,Noblemen,and Stronghold Martial Artist are allowed here.Otherwise you must stay out.

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