The Morpehus Compound highly suffered during the thousand day war, nearly there entire village being destroyed by the vikings. However, over time they rebuilt themselves and became the second largest clan in the village of Valor, working closely with Ware. It's people are well respected soldiers, though they have never had a Morpheus god of Valor. They are known to be very kind, brave and well educated, even though there has never been a Morpheus god of Valor. There age for adulthood is 12, and can be married at 14. Their leader is much loved by his people, however his snooty eldest son Casey is hated.


Clan Head- Samuel Marcus Morpheus, 30 (Cousin of James)

  • Wife- Alice Morpheus, 27
  • Son- Casey Morpheus, 17
  • Son- Scott Morpheus, 14
  • Daughter- Isabelle Morpheus, 14


  • Tomas Morpheus, 62
  • Daniel "Pug" Morrison, 30
  • Brian Leon, 22
  • Zachary Leon, 26
  • Aphrodite Lynx, 39


It is a good sized clan, about medium sized. They are very proud of their military base Fort Ivan. The clan is heavily guarded, and has many explosives hidden around the perimeter, and at various places around the clan they have their motto carved into steel plates:

"We know the power of the mind. We must plot our every move in our heads, as we are not gifted with the powers of an advanced body or an advanced mind. We shall train, we shall think, we shall fight and we shall sacrifice all for the good of the world. Long live Morpheus!"

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