The Rama Clan is a very shady clan, no pun intended. Many consider them very untrustworthy because of the habit of things falling into their pockets. Most are trustworthy enough but have a bad reputation because of a few really bad ones. The Clan's stratigy is third to Seekers and Cortium. They rely on the shadows to do all of their attacks until they are considered Masters of the Shadow. Then the shadows only make their attacks stronger. The are considered adults when they are 15 or when they are Master of The Shadow.


Clan Head - Ryst Rama, 38

  • Adopted Son - Zeta Rama, 14

Second-in-Command - Sylate Rama, 19

  • Fiance - Regak Rama, 20


The Compund is fairly large but only for the large population of the Rama Clan. To an untrained eye the buildings were put around randomly and are poorly built. But if you look closely you can see that the buildings have stone under the wood and that the buildings are staggered for archers to easily defend the main building.

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