The Scouting and Recon Division of the Village of Valor often works with CRI to make maps and such.They always go first into battle to scout out the enemies frontlines and defense.They remain hidden until it's neccasary to fight.Once you join you are given Stealth training and bring a special type of Goggles into the field which Scans the enemies Power Levels and zooms i and out.There is a Motto like the other groups that they go by:

     To win the battle we must know the enemies weakness

      To give our troops a winning chance in the field

     That is why we are here

      We are Scout and Recon

      And we will win this war.

Then you are given your Recon Goggles and your official Scouting Vest with the Groups Symbol patched on the front.Once in the field they split into teams and try to find the Enemies Blindspots and tell the rest of the troops where to go.Once everyone is gathered up they wait until the right moment and attack.Then they try to complete the objective with the other teams.


  1. Phineas Eon(Former Member,Retired)
  2. Matt Ware(Current Leader)
  3. Marcus Wind(Brigadeer General)
  4. Cyde Rama(Brigadeer General)
  5. Etc.

Interested in joiningEdit

Hermes Eon

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