The Tower of Valor is where most political arguments happen. It is also the office of the God of Valor, the council, and the clan heads.

Front DeskEdit

A young brunette is sitting on a chair behind a raised desk. As you walk up you notice that she is writing a letter. Once you get up to the desk she stops writing and looks up at you. She notices that you have an appointment with the Leader of the village. She points to the stair and asks a gaurd to escort you to his office.

Main OfficeEdit

This is the office of the God of Valor. You dont know what to expect. What mood is he in? Some of the gaurds say he is angry a lot, so what will he be like? Well to late to turn back as the guard knocks on the door. You hear a gruff "Come in". The doors open and you walk in. The office is very clean and the God of Valor looks at you. In a kind voice he askes what you want. Upon seeing your shocked face the leader turns to the Gaurd. "What have I told you of messing with our guest's minds?" He turns back to you and you say ......

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