Ware Clan Symbol

The Ware Clan is a proud clan of the Village of Valor. They have proved their worth time and time again. But there has only been one Ware God of Valor, as the average life expectance for the males is 29. The clan is very serious about loyalty and promises, they have been known to have severe punishments for unkeeped promises. The age of adulthood is 15 and there are no rules about marriage after that.


Clan Head - Darnell Ware , 38 (Brother of James) 

  • Wife - Lancy Ware, 37
  • Son - Kritho Ware, 16
  • Son - Naeo Ware, 13
  • Daughter - Sia Ware, 10

Second-in-Command - James Ware, 35 (God of Valor)

  • Wife - Abby Ware, 33
  • Son - Jax Ware , 14
  • Daughter - Hazel Ware, 10


  • Jacob Ware, 54
  • Sam, 48
  • Matt, 29
  • Tommy, 16
  • Charles, 19


The Compound is not very large for a Clan but by choice. The Ware are very humble and prefer to be in the background. There is a high fence wrapping around the compound with three gaurds at the gate at all times. There are also two more walking the perimeter. The main building is a large gray building with double doors at the front and a plaque that reads:

"Even though we are stronger physically we must always get stronger mentally. If you can survive a battle against ten Kaos but can recover from a death what can you do with your future.
Mental Toughness, Physical Toughness, and, above all, Loyalty to the Village of Valor!"

On both sides of this building are to paths with the right labeled "Clan Homes" and the left labeled "Clan Utilities".

On the right path there are multiple medium houses and then two large ones. After the large houses there is a training field with a large barn next to it. In the barn there are three rooms. One room holds all of the weapons used, plundered, forged, or scavenged that you can choose from. Another room holds their armor and a locker room. The last one is a recreation room with a couple board games and a large card table.

On the left is where all of the clan meetings take place and where the youth get married. There is also a blacksmithing shop, woodworking shop, and a gym. At the end of the path is a large building that is the library, which is filled with clan records, every book written by a person in the clan, clan powers and weaknesses (locked and gaurded), and other things.

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