The Village of Will is the second smallest village but they have the best technology thanks to the Meka clan. Their current leader is the Fourth God of Will, Dylan Meka who is the youngest God that there has ever been. The God of Will is currently trying to make an alliance with the Village of Valor and make a Silent Exchange Program. They have to most advanced weapons and are working on gun powder, stronger metals, and other advances in technology. They are also the most peaceful village and prefer to talk things out.


Seeker - Heto Seeker

Meka - Tallus Meka

Cortium - Faer Cortium

Hybrid - Dre Hybrid


The village takes the saftey of its civillians very seriously and so they have the largest wall surounding their village and multiple watchtowers. In the middle of the village is where the civillians live and surrounding it are the four clan compounds and a smaller fence. The entrences into the village are gaurded and have new technology called gun powder, which explodes when lit, ready to fight off invaders. 


  • Research
  • HDU - Home Defence Unit
  • WoLF - Will of Life Fighters (Black Ops)
  • T&I - Torture and Interigation
  • Hunters
  • ENC - Encription and Intell
  • Tran - Transportation
  • SPY - Spy and Infiltration

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