The Hybrid Clan are a proud clan that is the main attacking force of the Village of Will because the other clans are more academic. Each member of the clan seem to take a personality of an animal. Its claimed by the clan that the Gods blessed them with the powers of the first animal they saw on their date of birth. The adult age is 15.


Clan Head - Dre Hybrid , 37

  • Wife - Tay Hybrid, 36
  • Son - Blain Hybrid,16

Second-in-Command - Drake Hybrid, 25

  • Wife -  Tora Hybrid, 25
  • Son - Cole Hybrid, 2


The Hybrid Compound is large compound but like the others of the Village of Will it is for the protection of the villagers. The largest buildings is the gaurd houses at the front entrance of the compound and where you enter the village through them. The Clan Head's house is right next to the gate into the village and is very reagal looking.

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