The Meka Clan are the best inventors ever. Thanks to them the entire Village of Will is the most advanced and they often work with the Cortium Clan. Tallus Meka is the current leader of the Clan and is working on making the compound out of metal.


Clan Head - Tallus Meka , 37 (Research Division)

  • Krystu Meka - Wife, 36
  • Cia Meka - Daughter, 15
  • Vipe Meka - Son, 10

Second-in-Command - Leo Meka, 20 (ENC)

  • Ulith Meka - Wife, Dead
  • Henry Meka - Son, 1


The compound is fairly large but mostly just to take up space to make a wall around the civillians. The largest building is a workshop/research/woodwork/blacksmith area. On the left side of the compound is where they live and the right is for building. The front wall is currently under construction, adding metal, and so they have more gaurds there for saftey reasons.

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